The connectors society are an online collective working with experiences, environments and human centered design. The collective combine art and design to transform places, create new worlds and play with people’s minds.

How did you get the idea of the initiative?
It developed quite organically after we started organizing events with a focus on collective intelligence. We started experiments with human centered design and shared spaces for sharing knowledge.

What challenges are you exploring?
We look at public spaces from an interdisciplinary perspective. We believe in interdisciplinary work for being more effective. We believe that urban design is this very wide open field in need of more active participation from the users.

How are you organized?
The organization change shape and the team always change depending on the projects we are doing. Sometimes we are 6, sometimes we were 2, depending on the project. We’ve been experimenting with art, design and spaces. We operate on flexible planning and quick iteration.

Have you encountered any obstacles along the way?
There is always obstacles. Administrative obstacles, finding out our field and defining our work, financial, not being able to create a sustainable business out of our work.

What are your main tips for those who have an idea?
If you have an idea, go for it. If you don’t know how to, try different ways. Ask others. Research. Take your big idea and brake it down into levels.

What’s the most fun?
Experimenting. Doing something!